About me

Catherine Ibberson

Here’s just a little bit of background information about me , who I am,

and why I started Value Vision Mobile Optical Service.

My name is Catherine Ibberson and I’ve been in the optical industry for over 16 years.

A lot of that time was spent as manager of Dollond & Aitchison, Eyedeal Vision and finally Crown Optical Centre in Lytham.

One evening I was walking past Lytham windmill on the green, telling my husband Colin about a problem that a lady customer had when visiting another opticians.

Annoyingly, her eyelashes were touching her lenses when she blinked. Would you believe, by a member of staff at an opticians in Lytham, she’d been advised quite sharply I was told, to actually cut her eyelashes. How rude and dangerous was that? All that was obviously needed was just a simple frame adjustment, and the problem would have been solved. In desperation the lady came in to our shop to see if we could help her as she dare not go back into her original opticians. I sorted the problem in just a couple of minutes, with a genuine smile, as I was happy to help.You’d be amazed at how often I’ve heard similar stories to this. Bad advice and poor service are never ever acceptable in any circumstances as far as I’m concerned.

It was then, by the windmill that I had what I call my Eureka moment. Why didn’t I start my own optical service giving excellent, friendly , personal service, selling only top quality frames and lenses at more realistic prices, and all in the comfort of my customers own homes. In no time at all Value Vision Mobile Optical Service was formed.

I have very few overheads as I don’t have expensive high street rents, expensive equipment to buy, or lots of staff wages to pay. Therefore I can pass all the savings directly back on to my customers. There’s no worry that quality will be compromised in any way, as I use the exact same frame and lenses suppliers as most of the high street shops.

So all of my customers will be getting the same products, but for a lot less money. It really is a win win situation for everyone, and as a result of this, Value Vision Mobile Optical Service is going from strength to strength. The message is finally getting across, and people now know they have the choice to shop wherever they want for their glasses.

The days of feeling obliged to buy glasses straight after the eye exam are over. Asking to take your prescription with you when you leave is now standard accepted practice in all opticians. In fact it is a legal requirement these days that the optician must actually give you your prescription personally, so there should never be an issue.