Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it easy to get my Glasses prescription so I can buy glasses from you?

Yes. People like to shop around for their glasses these days, so asking for your prescription is perfectly normal. Your Optician should, by law, have given you your glasses prescription at the time of your last sight test. An up to date prescription is always preferable, but certainly no older than a year. (Legally, a prescription cannot be used if it is dated over 2 years old.)

If you have lost your copy of your prescription, the opticians where you had your eyes tested will supply you with a copy if you ask. You can phone them to post a copy out to you. If you do phone them to ask for a copy, be sure to do so a few days prior to the day of my appointment with you, they may be busy and not get your prescription in the post as quickly as you’d expect.

If you want further information about opticians then please click on the following link to get some excellent information from the General Optical Council.

2. Do I need Distance, Intermediate, Reading, Bifocal or Varifocal Glasses?

I’ll explain about your glasses needs when I see you if you are a little unsure. The basic requirements of lenses are:

Distance glasses are for general use e.g. driving or walking about in. Some people wear distance glasses all the time for all tasks including close work.

Reading glasses are for reading and close work. If your prescription has an “add” you will only be able to wear your glasses for close work and they will be blurred if you look in the distance.

Intermediate glasses can be for computer work or occasionally they are set for reading music, DIY etc. They are similar to reading glasses but the range of the focus is set a little further away. Your Optician will give you a specific glasses prescription for this which may be a different “add” or a completely separate prescription. If you need glasses to read music or use a computer etc, tell your optician at the time of the eye test.

Bifocal glasses have a regular distance lens with a segment in the bottom for reading. These are for people with a reading prescription add who would otherwise need separate glasses for distance and reading.

Varifocal glasses have three prescriptions all set into the one lens. You are able to see distance, intermediate and reading distances. As there are many varifocal lenses available on the market, as part of my Specialist Varifocal Lenses Service, I always will give full advice for all new varifocal wearers.

3. Can I use my contact lens prescription for my spectacles?

No. Contact lens prescriptions are not the same as spectacle prescriptions. You need your actual optical prescription done at the time of the eye examination.

4. Can I use my present frame again, and just have new lenses?

Absolutely. For this service click this link to go to my sister website reglazeglasses4u.co.uk which specializes in reglazing glasses for people all over the country. It is a Freepost service, very friendly and easy to use, and very affordable. This service is also run by myself (Catherine Ibberson), so if you call 01253 795 523 or 07767 168 822 you’ll be able to speak to me direct.

5. Do you supply frames only?

Yes, if you prefer. Remember though, all frames come complete with free standard lenses anyway.

6. Can I try the frames on before ordering?

Yes of course. I bring a good selection of frames with me for you to try. If you look at the image on my home page you’ll see me sat with a customer and you’ll see just a few frames that I have to offer.

I never hurry you when you are making your choice of frame, I prefer you to take all the time you need so you know you are happy with your choice. I will advise on the unsuitability of any of the frames should they not be a good choice regarding your lens and prescription requirements.

7. How far do you travel to peoples houses to supply them with their glasses?

I normally work within a 10 radius of Lytham. If you live in the following postcode areas you will be fine. FY8  FY4  PR4. I am happy to travel a little further if a few people want new glasses.

8. Do you do eye tests in the home of the people buying glasses?

No. You need to have your own prescription ready for me to see on my arrival at your home.     (See question 1)

9. Will you see a group of people at once.  For example in a residential retirement complex?

Yes, I’d be very happy to. I already spend afternoons or mornings in retirement complexes, usually on their regular coffee morning etc. I particularly love these sessions as they are always very enjoyable and a popular event for everyone who attends, as it gives people the chance to get to know me as a person, and what kind of service I can offer them. If you know someone who lives in one of these excellent complexes, who would like me to pay a visit to their coffee morning/afternoon, just give me a call.

10. Do you have frames to suit people of all ages?

Yes. My frames start at just £39.95 complete with standard lens, and go to £129.95 again complete with standard lens. I have traditional ladies and gents styles, as well as stylish contemporary ones for anyone wanting something a little different. I cater for anyone wanting titanium for allergies, and my very popular Swarovski Crystals encrusted Zoffani and Joia frames are absolutely stunning if you like a little sparkle.

When peole see my collection of frames, one of the comments I regularly get is that they are literally spoilt for choice. On many occasions people have told me they’ve looked all over and can’t find anything they like, only to have so many of mine that they really like, and then their problem was they couldn’t decide which frames to go for as they liked so many.

11. Are the glasses frames and lenses the same quality as I get from my Optician?

Yes, we only use CE marked frames and CR39 lenses. Our stock is all top quality, and comes from exactly the same suppliers as many of the high street shops use.

12. How can you keep the prices of your glasses so low?

Very easily indeed. We do not have the expensive overheads of lots of staff wages, expensive equipment to buy, or high street rents to pay. This way we can pass all the savings directly on to you.

13. What are the lenses made of?

Our standard lenses are made of a lightweight plastic material called CR39. Our thinner lenses are made of a 1.67 or 1.74 high index material. This is thinner than the 1.6 high index or 1.56 index. Our high index lenses come with an anti-reflection coating as standard

14. Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

Yes, you can choose from several permanent shades in grey or brown which look like sunglasses, but also contains your prescription. Alternatively you can choose TRANSITIONS lenses which darken in the sunshine and lighten indoors. There are various reacting lenses available on the market, but I believe that Transitions branded lenses are the very best quality and therefore I only supply the genuine Transitions to my customers .

15. What other coatings do you supply?

I do a scratch resistant, anti-reflection and UV block in addition to the tint or Transitions ®.

  • Scratch Resistant coatings are not scratch proof, but they scratch considerably less than standard lenses.
  • Anti-reflection coatings virtually eliminate distracting reflections off the lens surfaces. Reducing reflected light is particularly helpful for computer users and for night driving. Anti-reflection coatings also improve the cosmetic appearance of your glasses and can make thick lenses look thinner. This is standard with all of my thinner lenses.
  • UV400 protective coating.
    This protects your eyes from harmful UV light. This is standard with all of my tinted lenses. Suitable for sunshine anywhere world wide.

16. Do you supply bifocal or varifocal lenses for your glasses ?

See the home page for details of my Specialist Varifocal Lenses Service. My own Value Vision Extra Wide Varifocal Lenses at just £85 are by far our most popular varifocal lenses. However, I can also supply just about any lenses available on the market worldwide, and at a much lower price than the high street. Ask me for a quote on any branded lenses, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with my reply.

17. What shape are your bifocal lenses and do they look like normal Bifocal glasses ?

We supply mainly the D28 bifocal. However I can supply any shape bifocal lenses asked for including Executive.

18. What if my frames need an adjustment?

I will make any adjustments necessary when I bring the glasses to your home to fit them. Occasionally people require further adjustments if the frame still feels loose etc. This is no problem, just give me a call and I’ll return to your home and make any further adjustments necessary.

19. What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash or cheques.  I also accept NHS vouchers as part or full payment for glasses, and Eyecare Vouchers which some people get from work.

(I do not accept credit/debit card payments now for Value Vision customers as being in people’s homes meant the credit card machine was often out of a signal area for the machine to work effectively.)

I only accept credit/debit cards for reglaze orders placed over the phone when buying from my sister business Reglazeglasses4u.co.uk