How buying your glasses from home can make a huge difference to your life.

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How buying your glasses from home can make a huge difference to your life.

I went to see a gentleman called Roy recently who wears bifocal and computer glasses. Roy was really struggling with his glasses as apart from being an avid computer user, he also suffers from Macula Degeneration and so has impaired central vision. Roy was very worried about what the future held regarding his vision, and the big impact it was having on the quality of his life.
I was recommended to Roy by one of his friends. I had already made glasses for his friend, and she was very happy with my service.

When I went to see Roy at his home it was quickly very clear why he was having problems.
He couldn’t see his computer screen with his computer glasses as he was sitting too far away from the screen. By moving the tower unit from under the desk, Roy was able to sit nearer to the computer in comfort, thus solving the computer problem.

However, Roy had a huge TV in the lounge that he also used as a screen for another computer. He was trying to see the screen through the reading area of his bifocal glasses from about six inches away, so he was literally sitting right up to the 52inch screen. It was impossible to carry on like this but Roy and his wife were at a loss as to what to do. Having been to the high street opticians to discuss the problem, and never getting a solution they were in a quandary as to what to do next.
Having solved the computer problem very easily and quickly, I turned to the large TV problem.
I suggested Roy sit in his armchair with the wireless keyboard on a small table in front of him. This way he could see the screen through the top of his glasses, and the keyboard though the bottom of his glasses. This worked a treat, and Roy was sat in comfort which was also a big help.

The main change though was that I’d noticed that Roy was unsteady on his feet when walking around in his bifocal glasses. I knew this was because he was looking at the ground through the reading area of his bifocal glasses, which made the ground look blurred.
I suggested that Roy have a pair of distance glasses for walking around in, they would also be comfortable to watch TV in. He was happy to try this when I’d explained how he would benefit from this, especially when walking outside.
I made his distance glasses, and took them for him to try. He was delighted, the ground was much clearer to see when he walked about the room, and the TV much better.
His wife told me a couple of weeks later that Roy felt so much better when walking outside, that he’d actually stopped using the walking stick he’d needed for 20 years. His vision was so much clearer with his new glasses, he felt so much safer and steadier when walking outside.

Both Roy and his wife were very happy that finally a solution had been found.

It is on occasions like this, that seeing people in their own home is so important. Had I not been in Roy’s home to see how he was using his glasses, the problems would probably never have been so apparent, and therefore remain unsolved.

Due to a home visit, Roy is now walking confidently and safely, unaided  by his walking stick. He can also use his computer again in comfort, and his wife can watch the TV in comfort again instead of trying to see the screen without Roy sitting in front of it.

Catherine Ibberson


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